Laboratory Services

At Boval we are confident that our knowledge is unparalleled and our quality is unmatched. Our laboratory services department developed out of our expertise and authority in the field. In fact, our General Manager Lindy Schlotfeld, is on the Board of Directors of the International Serum Industry Association conducting pioneering research regarding changes within the industry.We have the internal chemical, physical, and microbiological testing capabilities.  Our expert staff will perform and report customized chemical, physical and biological testing specific to your needs.Our specialties include:

Microbiology:  In-house microbiology laboratory dedicated to QC analyses as well as to research and development of customized products for growth promotion of fastidious microorganisms.

Cell Biology:  Ability to perform in house cell culture growth promotion studies for research and development of tissue culture media.
We also have a unique ability to perform specialized hormone detection in serum albumin.

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