Human Serum Albumin

Non-animal based additives for growth promotion

Boval has developed a line of HSA products designed specifically for microbial and cell culture growth promotion where consistency and reliability are critical.  These products are built from our knowledge of bovine serum albumin media applications and are the result of scientific understanding and product craftsmanship for enhanced growth promotion in a chemically-defined manner.

Unlike other products that contain trace elements, these cell culture and microbiological grade products are produced by extensive processing of very pure and controlled HSA and modified with stoichiometric lipid content in ratios determined to encourage productive growth of sensitive cells.

Our HSA formulations include:

IM-0400 - Human Serum Albumin, Fatty Acid Free, Lyophilized

IM-0450 - Human Serum Albumin, Lipid Enanced, Lyophilized

For quantities and pricing, please call 1-800-635-1706 ext. 215

Enrichment MediA

Boval is currently developing a Human Derived Lipid Enhanced Enrichment Media Used for Suspension and Adherent Cell Expansion and Cultivation, containing a modified non-animal serum albumin enhanced with non-animal derived lipids.

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