BSA in the EU
Posted by Jalea D. Starnes


At Boval we believe we make the best BSA in the world.  With such a strong product we are able to sell and import into over 22 countries.

Europe has always been and will continue to be one of our most important markets. Over time we have seen the European regulatory climate evolve; become more sophisticated with complex and intricate nuances.   We are often asked how we are able to get our products into countries where other companies struggle.

To help answer that question we have enlisted the help of our friends at M bioserviceS, experts in worldwide biological logistics and regulatory compliance

MBioservices gives us a breakdown as to why importing into the EU can be difficult other companies:

“The European legislation is harmonized in many areas; one of those is the Animal By-Products Regulation. The legislation is initially drafted in English (mostly by non-native English speakers) and then translated into the different EU languages. Sometimes mistakes can happen or different meanings can result from the translation. In these cases the English text is the leading one. It is therefore recommendable to consult the English text of any EU legislation in case of uncertainties.

Another question is indeed if the national language in a country has the same meaning as the language used by its authorities. In many cases companies have difficulties to understand the requirements due to the very specific terminology used in the legal text. A recent research of M bioserviceS brought the following result: many companies take a “lottery” approach when importing animal by-products. In the hope that the documents issued by the third country authority are correct, they simply wait to see if the import will go through or not. The results are stopped and delayed shipments, increased importation costs, potential damages to the product. A sure thing is a high level of frustration on both ends – importer and third country shipper.”

Again, we believe that we have the best BSA in the world as such we place a high value on the proper importation of our product. 

For more information “Speaking EU” or on M bioservieS can be found

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