Lindy Schlotfeld Promoted to Sr. Director of QA and Regulatory Affairs at Boval Company, LP, Chris U
Posted by Jalea D. Seals

PRESS RELEASE: January 12, 2015

 Lindy Schlotfeld Promoted to Sr. Director of QA and Regulatory Affairs at Boval Company, LP, Chris Utton Promoted to General Manager at Boval BioSolutions, LLC.

For Immediate Release

Boval Company LP, the parent company for Boval BioSolutions, LLC and Chata Biosystems, LLC has announced promotion of Lindy Schlotfeld to corporate Sr. Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs.  Ms. Schlotfeld's will take on new roles involving overseeing and implementing quality related systems for all Boval Company, LP's entities .

"Lindy will be directly responsible for some of our biggest and most exciting projects planned in 2015 including FDA site registration at Chata and the development of a proprietary shipping software at Boval BioSolutions.  Lindy has been with Boval for ten years and we can't think of a better person for the job." says company President, Cody Yarborough.

Chris Utton, current director of biological operations, has been promoted to the general manager position left by Ms. Schlotfeld at Boval BioSolutions.  Chris began at Boval five years ago as a production manager and has been trained under Ms. Schlotfeld for the roles of general manager.  He will be responsible for day to day operations at Boval as well as major projects to increase product capacity.

Questions concerning the position changes should be directed toward Mr. Ron Gohdes, company Vice President who can be reached at

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